Three Jewelry Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

People are spending big bucks to retain their youthful appearance as long as they can, so it’s doubtful that anyone would purposely buy any products that would make them look older.  But, some people might be doing exactly that!  What products would that be?  Jewelry!  Here’s how that can happen;

Earrings: Those neatly pierced holes in your lobes may have become slits over the years.  The wrong style of earrings can emphasize those droopy lobes giving you a careworn appearance.  Combat this effect by choosing lightweight earrings that offer disc backs to support the earring in the lobe and help it to sit up higher.  The result?  A perkier profile!


Style Dots offers several styles of earrings with plastic disc backs that will help those earrings sit higher on your earlobes giving you a more youthful appearance.

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Pearls: The wearing of a strand of plain pearls belongs to a bygone era.  And yet, pearls are a hot trend in the fashion industry.  Today’s pearls have more edge and style due to the addition of trendy elements such as metallic links, chains and bling.  Layering necklaces (and bracelets!) adds to today’s trending looks.  These aren’t your grandma’s pearls!

Style Dots has taken pearls into the modern age with the addition of crystals, infinity links, and pavé beads.


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Jewelry Sets: In days gone by, perfectly matched necklace and earring sets were all the rage.  You can freshen up the look by simply mixing things up.  Try these ideas:



Choose items in the same color family but with a variety of designs…




Or in similar colors but with different sizes…


Or by mixing leather and metallics.






So, while there is no fountain of youth, there are some simple steps you can take to keep from adding years to your look!  In fact, by applying these jewelry strategies, you might just pull off a look that is years younger!  Style Dots offers all the Foundation pieces and Dots you see pictured here.  Visit our website to see all of our fabulous and fun pieces that will always have you looking your best!

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